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Nike Back to School | ASOS

We were briefed to empower and excite a female Gen Z customer to return to uni with a campaign that positioned the new Nike collection as the go-to for expressing her personal identity and style. We responded with a campaign that not only acknowledged our female Gen Z audience’s anxiety around returning to school but soothed it, by focusing on the beauty of making IRL connections and the joy of expressing personal identity and style, c/o Nike. Drawing on platform and audience insights, we surfaced dance as a medium to channel the sense of joy, excitement and freedom we wanted to impart on our audience. We cast a diverse TikTok-establised female-identifying dance group to be the stars of our campaign. As well as bold and energetic campaign imagery, we created a narrative paid social video inspired by a daydream and a series of funny organic social videos that offered empathy and encouragement to our audience, as they geared up to return to school.

Photographer: Laura McCluskey

Videographer: Jake Hargreaves